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About Us

  • Strengthen the impetus of public health personnel to develop a service handbook, providing the best hygiene/healthy service, defending the register's health and upgrading the best service quality.

    Intensify epidemic control, monitoring and epidemic media investigation, implement the epidemic resource removial , dengue free, environment control, and practicing “ check, pour and clean ” .

    Strengthen the health education and the health marketing and truly impel the populace health self-control.

    Carriy out the health care plan, the strengthened community self-according to protects consciousness, improve one's health idea and skill, builds the healthy community.

    Strengthen the oral cavity health work, fully unify the community resources and the folk association; handle oral cavity of health care thorough study of various ages. level to meet and so on the guidance activity, carry out the community oral cavity health care health promotion work.

    The establishment checking service standardization, strengthen examination and counseling food health, the nutrition health, the professional hy giene; handle the jobholders health to lecture and study, to carry out the dining industry and the nutrition at health independent control system, and promoten industry service level.

    Strengthen drugs, cosmetics, and medical supplies and rent the sign and so on checking of the contrary item, ban the exaggeration of take advertisement and decrease expense.

    Professional health strengthen the impetus duty field health promotion.

    Provde clinic good images and provide the high quality service quality, and strengthen landscape planting, the beautified work place, build the good service environment.